Digital Work Life
Project | 01
Project | 01 social collective leadership during social unrest

Currently under review. This study is a preliminary step in exploring the mission-driven process and impact of social collective leadership enabled through digital transformation. We argue that in order to create sustainable social change in this generation, hierarchical models of leadership are less effective. Social collective leadership leverages the voice and talents of many without naming a focal leader. 

Project | 02
Project | 02 organizational exceptions for star performers

In this working study we investigate the degree to which employee value impacts the likelihood of employment termination. With an ongoing data collection effort of NFL employee and arrest records, we draw upon research related to expectation violations and inducements-contributions.

Project | 03
Project | 03 crabs in the barrel syndrome

Recently published and ongoing research concerned with the societal and organizational systems (formal and informal) that influence competitive and conflictual relations among employees with a shared social identity. Past research focused on the interpersonal dynamics, but current theorizing focuses on the "barrel". Click here for more insight into CBS research.

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